Ingrid Schaller is an excellent yoga instructor. My core strength, muscle development and yoga practice improved tremendously in Ingrid's classes. She focuses on a balance of upper and lower body musculature. She is easy to follow and a good communicator. Ingrid exudes concern for her students by continually changing the practice of her classes, emphasizing individual improvement and safety of postures, and working through the modification of practice to accommodate student's chronic conditions. She follows several known yoga experts and encourages students to attend their workshops. I am proud to recommend Ingrid's yoga and strength classes to people practicing at all levels.

-Alison Martin


Ingrid is primarily interested in bridging the gap between the yoga mat and real life.

Yoga is a practice that connects body and mind-awareness of our thoughts, where our body is in space and personal growth all come out of what I consider a wholistic yoga practice. As a result of my extensive training in anatomy and thousands of hours teaching, my aim is to teach people about their bodies and how a mindful approach to yoga asana (poses) can translate to greater life satisfaction. My yoga practice and teaching is augmented by strength practices and Pilates. Additionally, I practice the healing modalities of reflexology and access consciousness. I continue to learn in my own practice and expand my field of knowledge to include healthy brain practices and cognitive research, meditation and healthy habit formation in hopes of being an encouraging spirit to clients, friends, and family.