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Cultivate stillness, explore the mind, begin again.  Meditate with community.


Meditation has gone mainstream. Can it match the hype? How do you get started? How do you keep going? How can it bolster my mental and physical health? How can it help me relax, even as it sharpens my focus? Whether you are a beginner or already practicing, it is lovely to meditate in community. Join us.

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Summer Sanity Challenge! July 27 - August 17 (Join anytime!)

Meditate 15 of 21 days!  Let's do it together.

1 )Download: Ten Percent Happier App

2) Friend: connect with me on the App

3) Meditate daily- even a little bit counts.  Build your mental resilience with tools from different teachers in this 3 week habit building challenge.  

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