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Kathleen M.

You are such a wonderful teacher, so nurturing and supportive of growth. You inspire and motivate me to work through the things that are holding me back.

 Private Session Participant 

Selika Lawton

I went to Ingrid for help with my flexibility after a major surgery. She put together a Pilates and yoga routine that has helped me get 90% of my flexibility back in around a year. Her encouragement, wisdom, and gentle correction are wonderful assets to her teaching. Ingrid is an impressive and effective teacher and coach.

Private Session Participant

Angela Ziel

Since attending Core Aware and Strong Moves with Ingrid, my nervous system is calmer, concentration and focus are enhanced and I am more grounded. Physical well being, balance and stamina have greatly improved. I can finally do roll ups and roll downs! 

Yoga, Strength, Pilates & Group Class Participant

Alison Martin

Ingrid Schaller is an excellent yoga instructor. My core strength, muscle development and yoga practice improved tremendously in Ingrid’s classes. She focuses on a balance of upper and lower body musculature. She is easy to follow and a good communicator. 

Ingrid exudes concern for her students by continually changing the practice of her classes, emphasizing individual improvement and safety of postures, and working through the modification of practice to accommodate student’s chronic conditions. She follows several known yoga experts and encourages students to attend their workshops. 

I am proud to recommend Ingrid’s yoga and strength classes to people practicing at all levels. 

 Yoga & Strength Participant 

Sidney Sharp

I have been struggling to recover from total knee replacement surgery which I had last June. My PT suggested I focus on building core strength. I picked up a bunch of Yoga classes but I couldn't really achieve the postures and was just getting into them any way I could and flying by the seat of my pants. Ingrid's Pilates approach was different. I could keep up and got great insight into my body. I'm now able to kneel and get into a standing position from the floor on my own. I am so grateful for this class. I recommend it unconditionally.

Pilates & Private Session Participant

Kristen D. 

I've been practicing yoga for over a decade but when I'm in a class with Ingrid I sometimes feel - in the best of ways - like I'm a beginner. She reminds her students of the smallest details, those mental and physical adjustments that make a world of difference. Whether you're a beginner or a decade into your practice, Ingrid's intentional and welcoming teaching style will add another dimension to the time you spend on your mat.

Group Class Participant

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