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Private Sessions

Working 1:1 with Ingrid will allow a deeper exploration of your immediate needs with remedies and practices for wellness and happiness. Private sessions with Ingrid can be multidimensional- a hybrid of self growth practices and physical attunement or streamlined to one modality such as strength, pilates or yoga.

Whether it is developing a home practice in strength or yoga, beginning or continuing to meditate, assessing an injury or chronic condition, relaxing with reflexology, or delving into the heart of energy and intention with access consciousness, we can create a path toward healing and joy.


When you book your private session you will be asked if you’d like a session that leans toward physical practices (yoga, pilates, strength), reflexology, or access consciousness, or a reflexology and access consciousness combo. 

Private Session Pricing:

1 session, $67

5 sessions for $297

Book Your Private Session

You are such a wonderful teacher, so nurturing and supportive of growth. You inspire and motivate me to work through the things that are holding me back.

- Kathleen M.

I have been struggling to recover from total knee replacement surgery which I had last June. My PT suggested I focus on building core strength. I picked up a bunch of Yoga classes but I couldn't really achieve the postures and was just getting into them any way I could and flying by the seat of my pants. Ingrid's Pilates approach was different. I could keep up and got great insight into my body. I'm now able to kneel and get into a standing position from the floor on my own. I am so grateful for this class. I recommend it unconditionally.

-Sidney Sharp

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