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Yoga, Strength, Pilates

The practice of yoga has added a different dimension to my fitness routine. As a senior citizen, I am aerobically active, participate in a group strength training activity, and have a daily time of meditation. Those activities are excellent, but adding yoga to that routine provides an even more well-rounded, balanced fitness lifestyle. The practice in which I have participated the last four years with Ingrid has given me an increased awareness of how the body works. Because I am a regular attender at Ingrid’s classes, she has been instrumental in my growth. She has learned how to best guide me- she has learned my strengths and weaknesses. That knowledge carries over into my everyday activities.

- Barb

I love how you explain what muscles are benefited by each yoga practice.  Your sessions are so calm and organized.

- Teri

 I always enjoy Ingrid's yoga and strength classes - they're interesting, well-structured, and I learn something new each week.  Her Strong Moves class has given me a number of new exercises to add into my daily routines.

- Paul

 I have worked with Ingrid for nearly three years. In that time I have seen dramatic improvements in strength, mobility and motivation. Ingrid's deep understanding of the human body informs her classes as she marries embodied strength training, TRX, yoga and Pilates to create well-rounded routines that are challenging, enlivening and encouraging. Because of Ingrid's classes, I have a home strength and movement routine that has allowed me to be in the best shape I have been since I was a teenager. I love going to class and learning how to target muscle groups and incorporate strong movements into my at-home routine. Ingrid has encouraged me to slow down, pay attention and get to know my body, which in turn has allowed me to recognize when certain pieces are missing from my routine (whether that's yoga, core work, aerobic activity or good old-fashioned push-ups). I could not recommend Ingrid's classes more! 

- EZ

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