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Early Year Catch-up (February Newsletter)

Hello February! And hello to all of you. I trust this note finds you learning, exploring, resting, moving and reflecting. In my current circumstances, I have ample time to decide what I want with it. That sounds like I don't have anything to do- that I'm not juggling the responsibilities of three positions- but that's not the case. Mostly, I don't have any one thing that takes all my time and energy. And sometimes things accumulate or all smash into one week. Or one of the family members needs my acute attention.

For example: I know four people that I might get together with for a walk or lunch. Last week everyone wanted to get together. Or one job will have a pressing issue that takes more/most of my time in a given week. But overall, there is time to decide: am I going to read the books I have purchased? Will I choose to meditate? Or I ask mysel about the sewing machine and supplies you lugged here on the airplane-will I get started?

As you might imagine, I keep myself entertained. And try to vary my activities. In the past couple weeks, I've walked, hiked and run. I drove kids to and from school. I attended a concert at the New England Conservatory. (The concert was lovely. When I came out of the parking garage, I saw the First Church of Christ, Scientist, at night. Wow. And I walked right by Symphony Hall.) I joined a yoga studio for their introductory pricing and have attended classes to observe teacher's style and content. I wrote a couple letters. I sorted and deleted emails and paid some bills. I met friends in new places around the city. My daughter and I visited "The Embrace", a new statue in the Boston Common. I listened to a book on tape, I mean, audiobook!

I taught about the best yoga, strength, and Pilates have to offer. I'm reminding myself and inviting you, to see what the hidden treasures are in moving our bodies and in training our minds this way.

And I've rested. For 23 years I've been a mom. For 20 of those I've known my spouse. They have been full and demanding years. My mantra is, "It's ok to rest."

What have YOU been up to? I'd like to hear about you. Please write or call.

I don't know when I'll be brave enough to start the sewing. I'm not very good at it and don't want to ruin the fabric. It's silly, but I've figured out that's the resistance to beginning a project: my frugality in damaging the material I paid for and my ineptidue. Maybe after I get the desk cleared of reminders and books, I'll scrape up the courage and grace for myself to begin.


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