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Mini-Retreat Right at Home

We are all in different situations than we were in February. Some of us have more people at home creating togetherness and distractions all at once. Others of us are at home with few distractions, maybe boredom and sadness for not being able to get out and connect in our usual ways. No matter your situation, a mini-retreat may be in order. Why? To check in deeply with yourself. To create space and nourishment for your spirit and mind. To sigh deeply. To allow yourself to be, less distracted and fewer layers of your culture or the news or your roles. Consider these points for setting up your retreat:

Reserve Time

This time for you might be a couple of hours to a couple of days. Reserve it, inform family and friends of your intention to be less available.

Plan Meals

Simple easy food is all you need. Pick healthy favorites and prepare them ahead. A pot of soup, some veggies or salad all ready to go and you are ready.

Set your Allowed Activities

Set an agenda including energizing and relaxing activities. Or maybe make a list of activities to choose from each section of the day. Indoor, outdoor, active, passive. Include a little of everything that appeals- and maybe something a little outside your comfort zone.


At a time like this it might be difficult/interesting/complicated to disconnect. But what if you didn't have the distractions of social media, news, emails, tv, online anything? What do you do with yourself, your time when these are absent? Time to (re) discover you.

Schedule Downtime

Much of our cultural affirmations come from a place of productivity- to do is to be. What if we just "be"? Beginning to allow ourselves to be may open windows to self discovery and growth and connection to ourselves.

Pack a Bag

You can go as far as to gather up your materials you'll need for this time for you. Why not? You may have a set part of the house you are planning to use extensively so you don't have to be pulled away from this sacred time for you- bring your materials you need and be ready to hunker if that's appealing.

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