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New Year's Evolution (Jim Kwik inspired journaling) Part 1

Happy New Year!

I recently attended a free Evolution (not Resolution) webinar with Jim Kwik. I’ve enjoyed his podcast and message for several years. Jim helps people read, focus, study and learn more efficiently. He’s a big cheer-leader for brain health. I am guessing a lot of this information is in his book, Limitless. To follow are half of my notes you might use to get more specific about where you place your energy- whether it’s the new year or not! Grab your journal...

What do you need to do to get from A to B? Maybe jot some things down about where you are now, what you do, your habits, etc. Then explore what point B looks like. What does it feel like. What does the day look like? Your surroundings? Your relationships?

Jim likes to put things into lists- there are 3 Ms to fill out this alliteration:

Methods (know what to do)

Motivation (habits + inspiration)

Mindset (attitude and assumptions about goal)

Mindset is set in the head. Our personal narrative about what is possible, what we deserve and what we are capable of lie in this part of reaching our point “B” from where we are now at point “A”. What are your personal narratives that might limit you?

Motivation lies in our choices, habits and consistency. Consistency compounds. The more times we do something, the more outcome we will get from that particular action. Motivation is the heart of this Ven diagram. We don’t have motivation, we do it. Our choices, are the C between B (birth) and D (death). Write down your reasons for wanting the outcome (B). Reasons reap results.

Methods are the actions (hands) with reasons buoying the upward and forward. The “why” needs to be present. Purpose, energy, and steps! Energy can be felt in sleep, nutrition, and exercise. What do you notice when sleep is slight, nutrition is absent and there's not enough or too much movement? Small, simple steps can give us direction and doable action today to reach that long-term intention. What is the smallest step toward your intention/goal/outcome? And then the next step? What is the easiest way to integrate this new habit or step?

Part 2 is on its way. Want to see the original presentation? More information here.

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